How to get rid of bags under your eyes

Those bags under your eyes are not only unaesthetic but also tricky to get rid of. Often, they are considered a sign of aging, but they can also be caused by the lack of proper sleep, some allergies, and other unhealthy habits that lead to water retention. The good news is that there are means and methods to get rid of the bags under your eyes. But first, let’s have a look at what causes bags under the eyes. 

Causes of eye puffiness

In a vast majority of cases, bags under the eyes are not a symptom of a hidden affliction, but just an annoying aesthetic imperfection. However, they can be caused by several factors, such as:

  • The weakening of the fine muscles around the eyes
  • Water retention under the eyes
  • Decreased collagen production that occurs with the natural aging process
  • Genetic inheritance

If bags under the eyes come associated with other symptoms such as redness, itchiness, and even pain, the recommendation is to see your doctor as they might be the sign of an allergic reaction or another health condition. 


Natural remedies to get rid of bags under your eyes

You should know that there are no natural remedies that work in all cases; however, these ideas might help you reduce bags under your eyes.  

1. Get enough sleep

We have already mentioned that bags under the eyes can be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep. So, the first thing you can try is sleeping more. Sleep can help you get glowing skin and eliminate the dark circles and bags under the eyes. At the same time, sleeping enough is important for a robust immune system. The recommendation is to sleep at least seven hours per night and preferably go to bed around 10 pm.  

When it comes to sleep, it is also your sleeping position that can affect the way you look. Sleeping on the tummy is not ideal for your face as it may favour water retention at the level of the face. The ideal sleeping position is on the back and with the head slightly elevated. This is great for preventing wrinkles too. 

2. Drink coffee and alcohol in moderation

Drinking too much coffee or any other caffeinated beverage for that matter can lead to dehydration. Dehydration contributes to the occurrence of bags under the eyes and dark circles. However, you should know that caffeine applied locally can have a beneficial effect on the eye area by reducing dark circles. This means that using creams and serums with caffeine can considerably improve the texture of the eye area. 

Just like caffeine intake, drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration and also to sleep imbalance, hence causing bags under the eyes. To prevent dehydration, drink a glass of water for each drink you have. However, keep in mind that moderation is the keyword here. 

3. Quit smoking

We all know how much damage is associated with smoking, including at the level of the skin. You should also keep in mind that it has been scientifically proven that people who smoke are more at risk of developing wrinkles at a younger age. Smoking can also be the cause of bags under the eyes, so get rid of the cigarettes first to get rid of the puffiness around the eyes. 

4. Try a cucumber mask

You must have seen, at least in the movies, women at spas with cucumber slices over their eyelids. Well, if you want to reduce the puffiness in the eye area, you can do just the same. Keep the cucumber in the fridge to get colder before applying it on your eyelids. Your eyes will feel refreshed and nourished. 

5. Use an Argan oil and shea butter paste

A popular natural remedy to eliminate bags under the eyes is the argan oil and shea butter paste. The paste made out of mixing the two ingredients in similar proportions can be applied to the area under the eyes to reduce inflammation and provide proper hydration. Argan oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, hydrates the skin, and also has rejuvenating properties. 

6. Try an oil cocktail (avocado oil and almond oil mix)

An under the eye mask containing avocado and almond oil will nourish your skin and eliminate the imperfections. These two ingredients have many benefits for the skin and combined are an excellent alternative treatment for those bags under your eyes. 


Top 3 best eye creams for puffy eyes and dark circles

1. PCA Skin Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream

With a formula ideal for those who like creamy textures, the PCA Skin Ideal Complex Restorative Eye Cream is designed to treat dark circles, puffiness around the eyes, as well as the bags under the eyes and fine lines. It should be applied directly to the eyelid, with results visible after the first week. 

2. Thalgo Lifting Correcting Eye Cream

Thalgo Lifting Correcting Eye Cream contains the Marine Silicium Complex and also hyaluronic acid to provide a high level of hydration in the eye area. This eye cream is perfect for those struggling with the dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as the loss of firmness in the area. 

3. Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming eye cream

An eye cream like no other, the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming eye cream, is based on a quadruple peptide technology aiming to brighten the skin. The illuminating diamond particles will give you that “photo finish” hard to achieve when you have bags under the eyes. 


Cosmetic treatments for puffy eyes

Depending on your age, skin type, and lifestyle, there are different treatments available to reduce bags under the eyes. At Alive Medispa they have a number of treatments that can help to reduce the signs of bags or puffy eyes, these include:

- Chemical peels;

- Enzyme treatments;

- Skin needling;

While cosmetic treatments might be a greater impact on the budget, they can significantly improve bags under the eyes. 


If you are based in Perth and need some assistance with professional treatments? We recommend visiting Alive Medispa who will be able to assist with treating those unsightly bags. Please visit the website here.


Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash