girl applying makeup to face and neck

The role of makeup is to accentuate our strengths and to correct small imperfections. However, some women make beauty mistakes that can add years to their faces. As a rule of thumb, the makeup should only be applied after your daily skincare routine. This means that you should prepare your face before putting on makeup. Always choose natural shades that compliment your skin tone and avoid any type of excesses. When it comes to makeup, the “less is more” rule is always valid. More than this, it is very important to choose your makeup according to the outfit you wear, as well as the event. The makeup you wear for an evening out with friends should be different from the makeup you apply for a day at the office. 

Now let’s have a look at five very common beauty mistakes that can add years to your face:


1. You forget about skincare

The skin tends to become drier with the natural aging process. This means that the hydrating cream becomes more and more critical. When you apply makeup on dry, dull skin, the results won’t be overly satisfying, and you might even look older than your years. This is why it is essential to cleanse the face every morning, then use a hydrating cream that is suitable for your skin type. Also, to get that fresh glow that we all want, you should give exfoliation a try too. 

Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant is light and perfect, even for oily or combination skin. 

2. You don’t apply the blush correctly

Actually, when it comes to the blush, there is more than one mistake that you could be making. First, we should mention about choosing the wrong colour. Some women choose brown shades as they believe their face gets a better contour and definition, but what happens is they get a rather dull look. Like makeup was plastered on their faces. Other women might choose shades that are too light, and this can make them look more mature. To find the right shade of blush for you, pinch your cheeks a bit a try to find a product in that exact same colour you get when you blush.

The second mistake associated with using the blush is the area of application. Applying the blush from the mouth area towards the ears on the exterior edge of the mandibula can accentuate the lack of skin firmness associated with aging. An excellent trick to define and lift the features of the face is applying the blush a bit over the cheekbones area. 

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blush looks amazingly natural and gives a great finishing touch to your makeup. 

3. Too much (or too dark) lipstick

Since we were little girls, we saw our mothers using that classic movement to apply lipstick. It is like one of the most potent marks of femininity and sex appeal. However, the specialists all agree that you should stop doing this once you are over 30 years old. Too much lipstick can really make you look older, especially if you have thin lips, and there is a simple explanation as to why this happens. As we age, the inferior and superior edge of the lips becomes less contoured. The skin starts to lack elasticity, and it won’t hold the excess lipstick. So, what can you do instead? Use a special brush to get the lipstick from the tube and apply it on the lips making sure it won’t get over the edge of your lips. You can apply more lipstick to the centre of the lips and spread towards the exterior. 

Also, keep in mind that a lipstick that is too dark can make the surface of the lips look smaller. And this adds years to your face. If you prefer bold colours, always choose shades of red instead of burgundy or cognac shades. Also, give the liquid lipstick a chance, if you haven’t done this until now. Our recommendation is Cherry Blooms Matte Volumizer Liquid Lipstick.

4. Too much concealer

The concealer is indeed a magic product that has an important role in your makeup routine. However, the concealer can trigger a real aesthetic disaster when it is too dense or applied too generously. This can happen, especially when you apply powder on top of it. You might have noticed that it tends to collect in the fine lines under the eyes, and it is not flattering at all. More than this, it can add a decade to your face in the blink of an eye. When it comes to the concealer, the wise choice is a fluid product. Apply just a bit and cover the area carefully to avoid leaving white circles under the eyes. If you can, avoid concealer pens and go for a creamy formula like in the Jane Iredale Zap Hide Concealer.

5. Choosing the wrong type of foundation for your skin type

Some women end up looking like they are wearing a face mask as the foundation is not suitable for their skin type. When the foundation is too light, the skin seems lifeless (remember the Adams family?). Instead of a natural look, it will add years to your face. When the foundation is too dark, the face tends to look rougher, so once again, it can make you look older. 

To get the right shade of foundation for your skin, you can use a simple trick. When testing a foundation, don’t spread the product too much on the skin. Just dab small amounts on the higher part of your cheek and see if it looks natural. You can choose a lighter or darker shade than your natural skin tone. And always make sure to apply the foundation on the neck and cleavage too, for a flawless look. Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation is perfect for minimizing pores and evens out skin nicely. 


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash