Top 4 products ideal for curly hair

Curly hair is so very special! But this is precisely why it might be more difficult to tame! The most common issue that women with curly hair have is frizz. This phenomenon is generated by the rather high degree of dehydration of curly hair. Often, curly and wavy hair is drier and loses flexibility quickly. Also, it is more sensitive to external damaging factors. 

If you are dreaming about perfectly defined, hydrated, and glossy curly hair, then you need to know the essential rules of haircare and also what are the ideal products you can use.  

Tips and tricks for curly hair

Sometimes it indeed looks like curly hair has its own personality! And this can be quite the challenge for women with this type of hair who are often dissatisfied with how their hair looks. It is indeed a difficult mission to get the curls you dream about, but it is not impossible! Here are a few ideas and recommendations from top experts in hair care that you should consider: 

- Don’t wash your hair very often

A popular solution for a bad hair day is to wash your hair! And… problem solved! Or not? The reality is that curly hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as straight hair. The fragile structure of curly hair and the shape of the waves can be affected by daily washing. However, using a conditioner each time you wash your hair is important. A conditioner with a light formula and hydrating agents can make your hair more manageable, and the curls better defined. 

Redken Curvaceous High Foam is one of the four ideal products for curly hair.

- Use hair products designed for curly hair

To make things easier for you to understand how to deal with your curly hair, just imagine it is a very expensive and delicate cashmere shawl. Would you wash it in the washing machine with the rest of your t-shirts and your pyjamas? No way! Well, the same goes for your hair. It needs an extra amount of care and love to look fabulous for longer! In other words, you need a special shampoo for curly hair that cleanses the hair without affecting the structure of the curls. 

If you are traveling or you find yourself in the position to wash your hair and have no curly shampoo available, you can dilute a regular shampoo with a touch of hair conditioner to have a more gentle wash for your curly hair. 

MOROCCANOIL Curl Defining Cream offers proper conditioning and also has detangling properties. 

- Avoid water that is too hot

Women are renowned for preferring water so hot that it would send a man screaming he is in hell. However, when washing your curly hair, it is preferable to use warm water instead of hot water. A lower temperature of water can help you avoid frizz and the dehydration of the hair and will also make your hair more lustrous. If this means that you should wash your hair separately from the rest of the body, don’t worry, many women do this. Just bend over the bathtub with your body outside and wash it after or before your shower. It’s not as complicated as it seems, and you’ll undoubtedly get used to this routine once you see the benefits!

- Hydrate your curls and then hydrate some more

We have already mentioned how you should use a hair conditioner each time after shampooing your hair. However, it is also important to use a hydrating mask at least once a week. Once again, make sure to choose a hair care product that is suitable for your hair type. If you are concerned about your dry hair, look for hair masks with glycol or natural oils. If your hair is thin and overly fragile, look for a hair mask with keratin. 

An important thing you should know about your hair mask is that it shouldn’t be applied at the roots of the hair on the scalp. This can lead to hair getting greasy much sooner than usual. Also, after applying the hair mask, make sure to let it work for at least 15 to 30 minutes (or depending on the recommendations on the label of the product). This way, the active ingredients in the hair mask have time to penetrate the hair. Rinse abundantly with warm water to remove the hair mask. This is an essential step in your curly hair routine. If the hair mask is not completely washed off, the hair might lose volume and can be more difficult to manage. 

Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream is another product ideal for curly hair

- Plop like a pro

Styling devices such as the hair straightener, the drier, and so on should be avoided by women with curly hair. They can damage the hair and the structure of the curls. So, in an ideal world, you’d use this as rarely as possible (preferably only on emergencies). Curly hair should dry naturally, but if it is a must to use the drier, there is a trick you can use. Use a strainer (yeap, the one you use for pasta should do!) to keep the definition of the curls when drying the hair. All you need to do is get the hair in the strainer and then use the hair drier. Sounds funny, but so many curly women swear by the method that is hard to ignore completely. 

Classic towels are not the ideal option for drying curly hair either. Nowadays, more and more women plop for perfectly defined, frizz-free curly hair. And the best thing is that it only takes an old t-shirt and some basic skills. So, how does it work? After you have washed your hair, detangled it, and apply some MOROCCANOIL Curl Control Mousse, grab a cotton t-shirt, preferably with long sleeves. Set the t-shirt in front of you and bend over from the middle, so your hair is on the t-shirt. Then grab the base of the t-shirt and position it on your forehead, then tie the ends at the back of your neck. Cover the head with the rest of the t-shirt and bring the sleeves down, around the back of your neck. At this point, you can stand up again. Bring the sleeves towards the forehead and tie them together. And now we wait! After 30 minutes (or a few hours, depending on how long and thick is your hair), the hair should be dry and amazing looking. Make sure to try this only on damp, not wet hair. Enjoy!


Photo by Filipe de Rodrigues on Unsplash