Glowing complexion after 40 tips and tricks

If you have seen Sex and the City (and if you didn’t, you should!), then you know that life starts at 40. But it is actually about feeling good in your skin, whatever your age might be. 

With the years passing by, we start noticing the first signs of aging at the level of the skin. We are talking about pigmentation spots, dullness, fine lines around the eyes, less firmness, to mention just a few. Fortunately, there are some rules (let’s call them tips and tricks!) that you can follow to have glowing complexion even after 40 years old! 

Start an evening beauty routine

Your skin is maturing, just like you. It is a natural process, and it can’t be stopped. However, starting an evening routine can help you erase a few years from your face. If you want to look 40 years old even in your 60s, now would be a good time to start pampering your skin in the evenings too.

Just think of this as another five minutes you are giving to yourself. Cleanse, tone, hydrate every evening before going to bed - three simple steps with multiple benefits for your skin. Alternatively, you can use serums or treatments to help with skin renewal overnight. Thalgo Intensive Resurfacing Night Serum is a great option. 

Enjoy weekly pampering with facial masks

You might have noticed already that your skin tends to get overly dry much sooner than before. It loses moisture, and it feels dehydrated throughout the day, even if you applied a moisturiser in the morning. This is the reason why now is a good time to give your skin more with weekly facial masks.

Choose facial masks with high-quality ingredients that aim not only to hydrate but also to repair the skin and restore its natural barrier. You can apply the masks a few times per week (2-3 times) to see results within a few weeks. 

Try new skincare products

While some products were great before, now they might start to seem like they don’t deliver anymore. It is natural. Your skin is changing, so it might react differently, even to products that you have used before. So, why not embrace the transformation and try new skincare products that are more suitable for your skin type and age?

If you had normal skin in your 20s or 30s, the same thing is called mature skin in your 40s! A good time to try anti-aging products and ingredients and an even more considerable boost in hydration to enjoy a glowing complexion even long after your 40s. 

Just think of it like this – would you still wear the same makeup you loved 20 years ago? The same goes for skincare products! Choose quality, read the labels carefully, and enjoy! 

Prepare your skin for makeup

Since we have already mentioned makeup, there is one little thing we need to talk about. You should prepare your skin before applying makeup. Avoid jumping off the bed straight to the makeup case and to the foundation and concealer.

Treat dark circles and eye puffiness with efficient skincare products instead of hiding them under makeup. It is such a freeing sensation to get rid of skin imperfections! And now your skin can look more glamourous than ever! Medik8 Calmwise Colour Correct can help you get rid of some imperfections. 

If you need to apply makeup sometime during the day (so not immediately after your morning skincare routine), make sure to use micellar water or cleanser and toner to remove impurities. After cleansing, hydrate the skin before applying the makeup. 

Exfoliate weekly

You must have tried once or twice a DIY brown sugar scrub. Or a real, store-bought scrub. Whether you liked it or not in the past, now things are different.

One of the issues with mature skin is dullness. And you can only get rid of this with the help of a good quality scrub used daily. We recommend ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

Exfoliation helps you get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and promotes skin rejuvenation. More than this, exfoliation creates good premises for better absorption of skincare products. 

Moisturise as often as needed

Are you using your moisturiser only in the mornings? Because you should apply it each and every time, you feel the need for more hydration. If you are wearing makeup all day long, you can replace the cream moisturiser with a hydrating mist. It will make your face feel refreshed and plump throughout the day. 

In the evenings, apply the moisturiser again before going to bed to wake up with smooth and soft skin.

Redefine the eye contour

The skin in the eye area is thinner and more sensitive, and it seems to get even more so with the natural aging process. This is the reason why here you will notice the first signs of aging. And it is not only about wrinkles and fine lines, but it could also be dark spots and a loss of contour. 

The lack of skin firmness in this area can give you an always-tired look, so this is a good time to invest in skin care to redefine the eye contour. Choose a skincare product designed for the eye area that is rich in ingredients such as collagen, vitamins, antioxidants. If it has an SPF, it’s even better! You can try Colorescience Total Eye.

Wear sunscreen every day

Is it cloudy outside? It doesn’t matter; you should still apply your SPF cream before heading to work.

Sun exposure can cause significant skin damage, even if you are not going to the beach or the pool every day. This is the reason why experts recommend women over 40 get used to applying sunscreen every morning, as a part of their beauty routine. You might enjoy ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence

Remember to smile

Age is just a number; your wellbeing and happiness are the most important. Keep this in mind all the time and smile a lot. This is the perfect accessory for a woman over 40 years old who wants a glowing complexion!