Top 5 makeup trends for 2020

The fashion trends for 2020 are daring and so creative! It's only natural for the makeup trends for this year to exude boldness and courage with a touch of impudence. We've seen the red lipstick on the runway of many fashion shows, so it is making a come-back in style this year. Golden, glitter and smokey are key words for the makeup trends for 2020. So, it's about time to embrace your inner diva and let her shine this year! Here are the top 5 makeup trends for 2020:

1. Glitter & golden for eye makeup

This year you should give metallic textures a try, as well as embrace glitter and golden for eye makeup. Graphic designs with different colour eyeliner (different textures too) are very fashionable this season, so let your imagination guide you. Golden is a colour no longer reserved for dressy attire, and now you can wear it pretty much anywhere as it is undoubtedly the colour of the year in makeup. The eye makeup trends for 2020 are a combination of influences from the '60s through to the '80s. This means we say hello again to pastel shades such as mint green and rose poudre (dusty pink). You can try Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner to make those graphic designs perfect. The saturated colour creates depth for the makeup. The application is effortless, even for beginners, due to a specially designed brush. If you have been avoiding eyeliners before because they were a pain in the eyes, you should know that Jane Iredale's Liquid Eyeliner contains no irritating chemicals. The formula is enriched with essential oils to moisturise the skin and help prevent skin dryness. To complete the eye makeup trends, keep in mind that the look of the brows is very important. Big, rebel eyebrows are not a thing this year, the brows should look natural, even if somehow still boyish (check out our blog on this topic).

2. Porcelain skin

If you were wondering what foundations are recommended in 2020, you are in for a surprise. Over the last few years, we got used to matte foundations that delivered full coverage, but this year there are a few significant changes. Matte foundations are replaced by sheer liquid foundations that give the face a natural radiance. The texture of the skin is more visible, and the look is entirely fresh, clean, and bright. Porcelain skin is what you need to wear this year! Smooth and soft with a natural glow. Make sure to choose a hydrating, fluid foundation with a lightweight texture such as Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation.

3. Just Peachy blush

We have already mentioned the influences from the '80s, so this year we'd be wearing blushes a lot. The shades are bright and joyous (pinkish or peachy, depending on your skin tone). What is important to mention is that the blush shouldn't be applied just on the cheekbones area, but on the high points of the face (forehead, nose, etc.). When using the blush, you should forget about powder foundation. Use it scarcely and only on the ‘T’ area if you skin is prone to excessive production of sebum. However, keep in mind that the blush goes well with all kinds of highlighters. Natural luminosity can be easily achieved when using Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter. This is a cream-to-powder highlighter that you'll just love. Apply it on the cheeks, the brow bone and the bridge of the nose. The texture is a delight, and you'll be impressed with the results!

4. Brownish matte lipsticks

Did we mention that the red lipstick is making a come-back this year? Of course, we did! And it is just what we've been looking for! However, this doesn't mean that it is the end of the nude lipstick era. When it comes to what's fashionable in the lipstick field, we're talking matte textures, innovative colour combinations, and transparent textures. This could easily translate into "we could wear anything we want," and it would be correct! However, the lipstick shades in the brown palette are more appreciated. When applying dark colours on your lips, don't forget to contour them with a lip pencil before. You can also use a lighter shade of the lipstick to create more depth and volume for the lips. If you are ready to play, you might love Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick – Molly. The pigments are amazingly vivid and bright, and the formula is enriched with natural oils for proper moisture and hydration of the lips. Plumper lips, with a sumptuous depth, are the results you can enjoy with this lipstick. The texture of the lipstick is creamy and smooth, and the specially designed tube makes the application really easy and precise.

5. Black smokey eye

Up until this year, we've been doing all kinds of smokey eyes, mostly with rich, deep colours such as red, orange, etc. But this year, the black smokey eye trend is back to mainstream. However, it is usually associated with oversized eyelashes for a more dramatic effect. Eye of Horus Eye Shadow Palette - Sekmet Smokey Goddess is a good choice if you want to do smokey eyes like a pro. The metallic finish of the shades capture light in a special way and reflects it for a multi-dimensional effect. The dramatic impact is half-done for you when using this eye shadow palette! The results are long-lasting, and the applicator brush is included, so you don't need anything else for perfect eye makeup. The Eye of Horus Eye Shadow Palette is paraben-free.