Essential vitamins for radiant skin

Radiant skin is the result of a good skin regimen coupled with a great diet. Avoiding highly processed foods and unhealthy fats is vital for healthy skin. Several studies performed over the years show that there are essential nutrients that can prevent the premature aging of the skin. These nutrients should come from two sources: your beauty rituals and the foods you eat. When there is a good balance, the skin is radiant, youthful-looking, and glowing.

All the vitamins and minerals that our skin needs can be found in nature. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be an important part of your diet. At the same time, the skincare products you choose should support the beneficial effects your diet has on the skin. Most skin conditions, such as premature wrinkles, acne, inflammation, and irritation, can be signs of an improper diet with not enough vitamins and nutrients. Here are the essential vitamins you need for radiant skin:

1. Vitamin C

One of the most important roles of vitamin C from a skincare point of view is fighting against the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure. Vitamin C fights free radicals that result after sun exposure, smoking, and other environmental pollutants. These free radicals have a direct negative effect on the collagen and elastin, the fibres that support the structure of the skin and prevent premature aging. Nowadays, there are plenty of anti-aging skincare products and supplements on the market. And one of the key ingredients in these products is vitamin C. Vitamin C is well known for its antioxidant properties, and, as mentioned before, it is essential for collagen production. When administered orally, it enhances the efficiency of SPF creams and lotions. The serums with vitamin C are also great for dull, prematurely aging skin that needs to be refreshed. Alpha-H Vitamin C is a product using the latest technology in skincare. The formula contains vitamin C, as well as hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract, to give the skin luminosity and proper hydration. The Alpha-H Vitamin C serum should be used on a daily basis to protect from damaging UV rays and get plumper, firmer skin.

2. Vitamin E

Just like vitamin C, vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant. It helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, keeping it smooth and delaying the occurrence of wrinkles. Vitamin E is among the active ingredients used in creams and lotions that address skin dryness or protection from UV rays. Some anti-aging skincare products can also contain a certain percentage of vitamin E. You can benefit from all the advantages of this vitamin using a serum such as Alpha-H Vitamin E. The serum is designed to boost the skin’s immune system to speed up the skin healing process. The product is suitable to be used on skin affected by acne, sunburn, as well as rosacea, and even insect bites. You can consider it your “First Aid” kit for skin in a small bottle. Make sure to use it regularly for the best results.

3. Vitamin A

When the levels of vitamin A drop in the body, the results are visible almost immediately. The skin loses firmness and a healthy colour. The skin’s texture also changes a lot, leading to dull-looking skin. Vitamin A is essential for the skin’s health as it contributes to tissues’ healing and regenerative processes. To ensure proper levels of vitamin A in the body, you should eat vegetables such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash, carrots, peas, and fruit such as mango, papaya, peaches, and watermelon. Vitamin A is also very efficient when administered on the skin. Several studies show considerable improvement in skin quality after using a vitamin A cream. The best results were achieved when using vitamin A to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and control acne breakouts. Alpha-H Vitamin A 0.5% is a restorative night serum addressing dehydrated, as well as prematurely aging skin. Vitamin A helps reduce the first signs of aging, while also exfoliating and hydrating the skin. The serum can be used on skin with rosacea, eczema, and even dermatitis and psoriasis. Make sure to use an SPF cream every day during the treatment.

4. Vitamin B complex

Among the most important vitamins of the B complex, we have vitamin B7, also known as biotin. When the body lacks vitamin B7, the person is prone to eczema occurrence as well as hair loss. Vitamin B3 helps with tissue regeneration and protects the skin from environmental factors. Vitamin B1 stimulates blood circulation and restores the blush to your cheeks. Vitamin B5 contributes to sebum production. The skincare products that contain the vitamin B complex are good for moisturising the skin while stimulating the cellular tonus. As a result, the skin looks brighter, healthier, and younger in a matter of days. Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum is a hydrating serum that prevents skin water loss during the day. The Alpha-H Vitamin B serum brings moisture to the skin and helps regulate sebum production. The serum is efficient in reducing the signs of hyperpigmentation and can help with collagen production.

5. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is mostly known as a coagulation factor, and few people are aware of its benefits when it comes to skin health. As an active ingredient in skincare products, vitamin K has a vital role in reducing dark circles and healing hematomas. Usually, vitamin K creams are recommended after surgical interventions to reduce the side effects. However, combined with vitamin A, C, or E, vitamin K is great for correcting the signs of premature aging of the skin. Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit If you don’t know what essential vitamin would be best for your skin, you can try the Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit containing four vitamin serums (A, B, C, and E). You can use the serums separately or in combination, according to the instructions on the label.


Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash