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Man cleaning skin on face

Is male skin all that different? In short, the answer to this question is “no.” However, there are different nuances.

There are some obvious differences between men and women’s skin – the beard is just one of them. Men’s skin is not as thin, and the pores are often larger. Generally speaking, men’s skin tends to be more oily and acne-prone compared to women’s skin.

At the same time, most men seem to start showing the first signs of aging later on compared to women. However, this is not just about skin and the skincare routine, but also genetic inheritance, lifestyle choices, diet, and other factors. 

The skincare routine is just as important for men as women, especially if we are talking about acne-prone, dehydrated or dull skin, wrinkles, and premature skin aging. These are issues that affect both men and women, and nowadays, there are solutions available to target all of them. 

If you are a man and want to improve your skin’s quality or get rid of certain skin problems, you should know that certain skincare product lines are dedicated to men. In other words, you don’t need to use rose-scented cleanser or lavender moisturiser as there are plenty of options created with the needs of men in mind. 

More than this, you should also know that you don’t need to spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror to get a radiant, healthy complexion. You don’t need expensive, complex skin therapies (unless recommended by your dermatologist). In most cases, all you need to do to keep your skin healthy and youthful-looking is to follow a few simple rules and change certain routines that negatively affect your skin. Let’s dive right in and see a few tips for improving male skin health!

Men’s skincare tips and tricks

You were probably taught that all you need to do is wash your face with soap, shave and dry it with a towel. This is the complete men’s skincare routine for many men, so nothing unusual here. However, adding a few more steps to this routine and making a few simple changes to how you’re doing things right now can help you look and feel better. 

Choose the aftershave and shaving cream wisely

Many men are often confronted with skin irritation. We blame it on the shaving, on the weather, and many other factors. However, few people know that certain ingredients in the aftershave or shaving foam men use daily can trigger skin issues.

Usually, these ingredients are used to provide the strong, manly scent of these products. But they are also responsible for irritations, rashes, and excessive skin dryness.

So, if your skin is red, dry, and irritated, the first thing you should do is stop using the aftershave and check the ingredients’ list on the shaving gel. If the condition improves after a few days, you will probably be better off not using those products anymore. Instead, you can try a moisturiser designed for men’s skin. 

Use a gentle facial cleanser

Washing your face with just water might not be enough to get clear skin. If you notice that your skin still feels a bit oily after washing it with water, it’s time for a facial cleanser.

You might be tempted to use the soap to clean your face. And you might even be surprised by how clean it feels after using the soap. But the hand soap is not a good choice for your oily or acne-prone skin, and it can do more harm than good in the end. The clean sensation comes from the fact that the soap eliminates the natural oils, causing dry and dehydrated skin. 

The best way to get clean (and healthy) skin is to use a face cleanser. The facial cleanser was created to eliminate dead cells, impurities, and excess sebum. A good facial cleanser can help you get rid of dull skin in a matter of days! Using a cleanser is a fast and efficient solution to ensure your skin is cleansed and revitalized. 

Our recommendation is Organic For Men Facial CleanserThis cleanser is easy to use as it features a pump and doesn’t look like one of your wife’s skincare products. Actually, it looks just like liquid soap but has a potent formula that can unclog pores and absorbs excess oils. 

Use a moisturiser daily

Hydration is not just a women’s thing; we all need it just the same. Your skin needs it, and it will look plumper and with few visible wrinkles and fine lines when it gets proper hydration levels.

You have plenty of options to choose from in terms of men’s facial creams. Choose a daily moisturiser with a lightweight texture and hydrating ingredients to keep your skin protected throughout the day. ThalgoMen Intensive Hydrating Cream could be the perfect choice for you. 

If your skin gets overly dry in the cold season, you can try a moisturizer with a creamier texture to avoid dehydration caused by extreme weather conditions. 

Try an eye cream

They say wrinkles are a sign of wisdom. But you know better than this. Wrinkles (as well as other premature signs of aging) are often a sign of skin dehydration. This is the reason why a few weeks in a ski resort or surfing can add a few years to your face.

The heat and the sun, and also the cold and the wind can cause skin dehydration. As a result, wrinkles become more visible, and the skin looks rough. 

To avoid looking older than your age, in most cases, is enough to get a good eye cream and use it regularly. The eye cream helps you fight the premature signs of aging and keeps the skin looking youthful for longer.

You can try ThalgoMen Anti Fatigue Serum for the EyesThis is a serum with a gel-like texture that is easy to apply and stimulates circulation in the eye area to fight dark circles and fine lines. Using an eye cream or serum regularly can also help you get rid of puffy eyes. 

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