Best skincare routine for your 30s

Skincare is an essential step to maintain your beauty and glowing complexion for as long as possible. The care and interest you show to your skin will reflect on your face after decades. The skin is like a business card displaying information about ourselves, our lifestyle, and the things we care about.

Each age has its beauty and benefits. Most women start a beauty routine as early as in their 20s while others only feel the need to do so after reaching their 30s. And each woman develops a daily routine that is suitable for her age, lifestyle, and time she has available. Generally speaking, we can’t talk about a universally valid age-related skincare routine. However, there are general rules that should be considered when it comes to taking care of your skin in your 30s. 

Cellular renewal starts to slow down once we reach our 30s, so the skin might start looking a bit tired and dull. Fine line and wrinkles might start to occur, especially the ones known as expression wrinkles triggered by the repeated use of the facial muscles. More than this, the collagen production begins to decrease with this age. 

This is the reason why a good skincare routine for your 30s should include products high in collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants to stimulate the cellular regeneration. Moisturising creams with SPF for daily use are also highly recommended at this age. 

The best skincare routine for your 30s also includes a night cream. Preferably one enriched with anti-aging agents and antioxidants to smooth the fine lines and consolidate overnight the intracellular connections at the level of the epidermis. Your face will certainly look better in the morning!

Also, it is essential not to forget about eye care. At this age, the eye cream should be used both in the mornings and evenings. A regular visit at a skin clinic for a facial treatment will be extremely beneficial. However, it is the things we do every day that make the difference when it comes to skincare and a glowing, healthy complexion. 

Choosing an eye cream

One of the most sensitive areas of the face, the area around the eyes, needs special attention in your daily skincare routine. The skin here is thinner and more delicate, so more prone to wrinkles early in life. This is the reason why we need to use products specially designed for this area. You can choose either an eye gel or an eye cream that is suitable for your skin type. Generally speaking, the gel texture is preferred by women with oily or combination skin, while the eye creams are great for normal, sensitive, and dry skin types. It is essential to choose and apply the eye cream correctly to prevent or reduce the signs of aging. At the same time, if you have particular concerns about the eye area, you need to address them too.

If you have eye bags or puffy eyes, you might need products rich in caffeine or containing cucumber extract. These ingredients have specific properties that can lead to a reduction of inflammation in the area. Keep in mind that you need at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night to improve the texture of the eye area. 

If you have dark circles or pigmentation spots around the eyes, these might be the result of excessive sun exposure. In this case, it is recommended to use products with vitamin C which will brighten the eye area.

The eye cream should be applied after using a cleanser and a toner. The skin should be clean before applying eye cream. It is not necessary to apply too much cream as there is a risk for it not to be absorbed by the skin, and the results will fail to occur. Apply the eye cream with gentle movements, using your ring finger. The movement should be from the centre of the face towards the sides, from the internal part towards the external and finishing under the eyebrow. 

Our recommendation for eye cream:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream

Choosing an face cream

As for the face cream, it should be adapted to the type of skin you have. For example:

Normal skin – use a hydrating cream with anti-wrinkle ingredients to address the first lines and wrinkle. Apply morning and evening. 


Alpha-H Multivitamin Super Cream 

Dull skin, lacking vitality – use a cream with active antioxidants. Apply morning and evening. 


Alpha-H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF15 

Sensitive skin – use a cream with anti-inflammatory properties, specially created for this type of skin. Apply morning and evening. 


Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30 

Combination skin – use a hydrating, water-based cream, or gel in the morning. Use a non-oily cream in the evenings.


Cosmedix Shineless Oil Free Moisturizer

Skin with pigmentation spots – use a special cream in the morning and evenings. In the morning, apply an SPF cream over the moisturizer. 


Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF 50 

Whatever your skin type might be, always make sure to use products designed to treat or prevent the issues. The beauty routine should always include the four classical steps – cleansing, toning, eye cream, and day/ night moisturiser. Repeat each morning and evening for amazing, long-lasting results!


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash