10 rules for healthy hair

Everybody has a bad hair day occasionally. If this day turns into a week, a month, or even longer, it might be a sign you are not doing the right thing by your hair. Here are ten rules to follow if you want healthy, gorgeous looking hair!

1. Don’t wash your hair too often

If you’re always looking for shampoos for daily use, you should know that your hair will appreciate it if you give it a break from time to time. This doesn’t mean that you should go to work with greasy hair or hair that smells bad. However, if the hair is ok, it is better to avoid daily washing. What you could do instead is become friends with dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can absorb oils in the scalp and hair and make it look great for longer. Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo is a good choice if you’re worried about dealing with excess powder in your hair.

2. Get a haircut regularly

Even if you love long hair, this doesn’t mean you should completely forget about seeing your hairstylist regularly. Healthy hair is all about getting rid of the split ends and refreshing the cut. Hairstylists recommend getting a professional hair cut every two months. You will notice that your hair will grow faster, and your haircut will always be up to par. Make sure to mention to your hairstylist if you want to grow longer hair, and they will know what to do in this case!

3. Avoid excessive chemical treatments

It’s quite normal to dye your hair and change the colour every now and then. However, it is also essential to keep in mind that beauty trends come and go, and it might be difficult for your hair to go through many changes every year. A change of look once a year sounds good, and once you decided what colour suits you best, you can keep it for longer. If you just want to refresh the colour, dye only the roots of the hair, and the result will be just as good. After each significant change, allow your hair at least one or two years before trying something new again.

4. Untangle the hair with care

Even something as simple as brushing your hair every morning can have a significant consequence on its health. It is preferable to use a special detangling brush or comb. Always start with the tips of the hair and work your way up. Pulling the hair during brushing can result in broken strands, and also weaken the roots. Use a special comb or brush and make sure to brush your hair in the morning and evening too.

5. Find your perfect hair mask

Hair masks are not optional or used only by people with lots of time on their hands and no idea what to do with it. Hair masks are a must-have for all of us who want to have healthy, glowing hair. They serve different purposes such as hydration, preserving the colour, or damage control. Hydrating and restorative hair masks can be used even if your shampoo and conditioner are anti-dandruff, colour preserve, and so on. Unlike the shampoo, the hair mask should only be applied to the tips of the hair and on the length, and not on the scalp. Let the hair mask work for a few minutes or longer, according to the indications on the label. The Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Repair Hair Mask is an amazing choice for damage control, especially after chemical treatments. This hair mask will help restore hair elasticity. If you have fragile or dehydrated hair, you can try Theorie Helichrysum Nourishing Hair Mask. The Ginkgo biloba leaf extract and the hyaluronic acid work together to provide great hydration for good looking hair.

6. Let your hair dry naturally, whenever possible

Letting your hair dry naturally can take a while and also lead to frizzy hair. However, give it a try at least from time to time, during weekends or holidays, and your hair will appreciate it. When you’re in a hurry to get to work in the morning, it’s easier to get the dryer and have the problem fixed in a matter of minutes. However, make sure to use a towel to dry the excess water before getting to work. It will reduce the time you spend using the dryer, and it is better for your hair. The Parlux 385 Power Light Ceramic & Ionic Hair Dryer has a ceramic and ionic system to help you get the lustrous hair you’ve always wanted. It’s also light and powerful.

7. Style it like a pro

In this case, like a pro means with great care. The heat associated with styling can damage the hair; this is why you should only use styling devices occasionally and not every day. To avoid breakage or burning the hair, always choose a quality styling device such as the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Wide Plate Hair Straightener. This straightener has a wide surface that distributes heat quickly, which is great because you get the work done faster and with less damaging effects on the hair.

8. Remember that your hair reflects your diet

Your hair, nails, and skin are a reflection of what you eat and drink. Drinking enough water and having a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats is essential for hair health.

9. Don’t overdo it with styling products

Hair mousse, wax, styling spray, and so many other products are available nowadays to help you tame your hair. However, in the vast majority of cases, you won’t need more than one to get the spectacular look you like.

10. Avoid tying your hair too tight

We all love that ponytail, it’s easy and comfortable. However, tying the hair too tight can cause breakage and even headaches. So, this would be an excellent time to give those loose buns a try for an effortlessly chic look.


Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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